8 Hours of Assboil, insHannity and Levin



Assboil 8-2-10 “RUSH: The economy is so bad that President Obama's out there in Atlanta trying to get people to focus on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  That's how bad things are in the economy”

So bad for who?  All segments of the economy are showing very strong recovery, another season of blowout corporate earnings, DOW up 200 pts today…  The economy must be really bad somewhere in Assboil land.  But then, we know Assboil makes up anything he wants and his sheeples eat it up.  Obama just making good on his promise to remove troops from Iraq, and chose to announce it before the disabled veterans.  I don’t think too many people were watching given the time of day.  Things are pretty desperate in Assboil land.


Assboil 7-20-10 “Every day is a revision of fact.  Every day is a cover-up of the truth.  Every day is an attempt to confuse, obfuscate, and distract people from the truth.”

I agree with Assboil on this:  Rudy Guliani: America "had no domestic attacks" under President George W. Bush.”  Michael Steele: “Afghanistan is a war of Obama’s choosing.”

Revision of facts, indeed.


Assboil 7-13-10 “Why are liberals unhappy?  Let's look a little deeper into this.  One of the reasons why liberals are unhappy, and there are many, is they're agitators.  Their leaders are agitators.  Their leaders are not happy.  They're always stirring things up, agitating, community organizing. They're always unhappy about something.  Even if they have to lie about something, they're always unhappy.”

…Said the lying whiner, the drooling sloth who spends every waking moment of his miserable life complaining.


Assboil 7-13-10 “I would love to go back about a year and a half. I'd love to go back when people's houses had value, and the expectation was that the value would increase every year.

More Assboil revisionism, he misses the bankrupt banks, bankrupt auto companies, negative GDP, absence of corporate earnings, and record unemployment claims.  Why is Assboil enamored with failure?


Assboil 7-12-10:  Liberals are “Miserable” “Whiners”……. “So they're miserable.  They always are miserable.

Uh, has he listened to his show ever?  Assboil, insHannity, Levin, Beck, Cunninghan.. ad nauseum – Nonstop whining about how bad everything is.  As usual, we find assboil extremists to be exactly what they attribute to liberals.


Assboil 7-12-10: “Do you realize the largest deficit ever during any year of the Bush presidency was $200 billion?  Well, so I'm told.  No, here's the way to put it.  The last time Republicans controlled spending the deficit was under $200 billion.  That's the way to put this.” “ …..It's clear as a bell what they're setting up.  And they're depending here on an uninformed, ignorant electorate to pull this off.”  Assboil is relying on the sheer ignorance of his listeners. Deficit facts: US Deficit, $Billions: 2003 374, 2004 413, 2005 319, 2006 248, 2007 162, 2008 455 2009 1,400.  Assboil goes on to imply that the Dem congress was responsible for the higher deficits, which, the facts show, is pure nonsense.  Of course, by 2008 the Bush recession was in full swing, leading to significantly lower tax revenues and the ballooning deficit.  Assboil math, good enough to rely on the sheer ignorance of his listeners.


For the first year of stimulus, the assboil jocks told their listeners that the $785 Billion Stimulus Act had been spent to create a handful of jobs.  For some reason, Assboil is now changing his tune (7-7-10): “42% of stimulus has been spent, 48% is left” (Assboil math)


7-7-10: “So don't doubt me.  There's no question that payback is what this administration is all about, presiding over the decline of the United States of America, and doing so happily.”


People, this is some really ugly nonsense. “Ugly, incendiary entertainer” Michael Steele


…..whining nonstop day after day about how bad Obama is. Yet GDP is 5.7% (3.2%), corporate earnings are exceptionally good, and overall US industry is making a big comeback. Contrast to the way Booosh left Obama with failing banks, bankrupt automakers, negative GDP and weak corporate profits. Why are these fools complaining ?   Assboil extremists must still be praying for failure.  After all, they are vested only in failure.


Assboil jocks never break a news story, they just read all the stories from the “state-controlled media. “


Assboil 5-5-10 “Terrorists are mad at Obama’s drone program, Obama is creating more terrorists” “And they said Bush was creating more terrorists in Iraq”

That’s right Assboil, and the Christmas Day bomber was retaliation for the drones too.  It must really suck for assboil extremists that we are now attacking terrorists where they live and train, instead of invading and occupying a sovereign nation.  Pakistan now owns the caves where Al Qaeda conducted operations with impunity during the 8 years of Bush.  Why couldn’t Bush fond those caves?  Perhaps he should have looked under the table during one of his comedy routines.

"A panic among mujahedeen forced me to issue this new message," said Mehsud.  The Taliban miss the dithering duo.


This Obama Obsession – A Sign of Mental Illness, and a Lack of Any Sort of Life

Are these fools aware that Obama is controlling their lives as they obsess over his every move, and hang upon his every word.


Assboil 5-5-10 “He (Obama) has bankrupted the country”.  Assboil should check the definition of bankruptcy.  The USA has not yet defaulted on it’s debt.  Moreover, the national debt was approximately $11 Trillion when Obama’s first budget took effect on 10-1-2009.  As of this date, Obama’s spending (including Stimulus) has added about $700 Billion to this total, or 6%.  It seems however, there are several million people who believe any lie the drooler spits out.


Willie Cunningham “It’s a great day to be an American”.  I agree, so why is Willie spending all his time whining if he thinks it is a great day?


insHannity 4-21-10 “they (Democrats) want to nationalize everything”  - Most banks have repaid TARP, GM is planning to pay back all it’s loans in June, and there’s nothing in the healthcare bill which suggests nationalization.  – Is anybody else sick of all this anti-American lying day after day?


More random stupidity from the drooler:


Assboil (daily) “Against the will of the people” – GDP 5.7%, employment positive, existing home sales up 8%, corporate profits strong…..


Assboil “Women, on the space shuttle, I hope they’re not breast feeding…..I guarantee, breast feeding will be mandated under Obamacare”


Assboil 4-5-10 referring to a new SBA program: “Businesses don’t want to borrow money.” “tax cuts”


Assboil 4-5-10 says we “need to focus on unemployment, not the good news about employment”  I guess if my life were filled with constant negativity and complaining, I might be an addict too… the glass is never even half-full


Mark Stein (sittin-in for Assboil) 3-15-10  A caller regurgitates the Assboil nonsense about Obama wanting to control everything and then proceeds to enlighten the assboil extremists with this amazing revelation:  “Obama is pushing his healthcare bill so he can kill of the elders, and then they can’t tell their grandkids about freedom.”  Folks….  You cannot make this stuff up.  Are there really people that crazy out there?  Teabaggers & toe-tappers?



Assboil 3-8-10 “How much have your taxes gone up, the debt gone up, unemployment gone up since Obama took office?”  Where does he come up with this?  No tax increases since Obama took office.  In fact, middle class has received a small tax reduction from 1/3 of the stimulus fund.  In addition, first-time homebuyers, car buyers, and energy efficiency buyers have received tax credits – big reductions in taxes.  So what is Assboil talking about?  He gets paid a lot to tell lies.   As far as unemployment, it went up about 1.5%, but the rate of new jobless claims declined steadily.  And Assboil must not realize when the US FY begins, because most of the debt increased under the former administration.  At this time, the debt has gone up about 400 Billion.  A huge amount, but it’s the booosh hangover of lower tax revenues.  Apparently the boosh trend of massive federal debt and unemployment following the nea-depression were just supposed to end in Obama’s first year, like magic unicorns and skittles.






Assboil 2-17-10 “the Big Lie” first it was liberalism and then the incessant whiner went on to refer to stimulus spending as a big lie.  Assboil played an Obama soundbite stating new unemployment claims reached 800,000 in January 2009.  Assboil claimed that “new jobless claims reached that level because Obama was elected” and he claimed the numbers started rising in November 2008 when Obama was elected.  Talk about the Big Lie.  Assboil is unaware that mortgage and CDO markets crashed the world economy, precipitating massive layoffs.  Any person with half a brain knows that.  In reality (somewhere far away from Assboil land), unemployment claims began steadily rising in May 2008 and did not start declining until Obama became President.  Assboil also criticized Obama’s knowledge of economics and reminded us that arrogance and self-promotion are two of the things he detests most (now we’re clear that Assboil is consumed with self-hatred).


As far as stimulus spending, Assboil repeatedly implies that $785 billion has been spent on jobs creation, when in-fact the number is closer to $100 billion.  He persistently declares stimulus slush fund a failure, in spite of the fact he has no idea how much has been spent or how it has been spent.  Looking below, you will note that Assboil repeats these lies daily in order to brainwash his ignorant sheeples.



Assboil 2-??-2010 (after the 5.7% GDP was announced): “and it will be revised downward”.  2-26-10 The fresh reading on the nation's economic standing, released by the Commerce Department on Friday, was better than the government's initial estimate a month ago of 5.7 percent growth. It would mark the strongest showing in six years.



Assboil 2-5-10 “the Saints are destined to lose because Obama is for them” – why is Assboil always wrong?


Assboil 2-4-10 “Obama owns GM and Chrysler” …sure he does


Assboil “Obama diverted lifeline flights from Haiti for the Super Bowl.  And I thought he didn’t hate black people.”  Is there anything more childish or absurd that the bloated drooler can invent?  Where on Earth does such a sick mind come up with this garbage?


No doubt that assboil extremist radio caters to idiots:  apparently Michelle Obama has taken up the cause of childhood obesity.  Within this context, a caller to Glenn Beck on Friday February 5 stated that the “Nazi and Communist regimes worshiped the athlete”, and Beck backed her up by saying “Progressives want perfect people.”  So the obvious conclusion is; if Michelle Obama has taken up the cause of childhood obesity, it’s just more proof that the Obama Administration is communist.  These people couldn’t be more bizarre.  Does idiot nation really believe this?  No matter what cause Michelle Obama takes up, these psychotics will find a way to spin it as deceptive, communistic, facist, self-serving etc.


Assboil 1-21-10 “the left wants all our soldiers in jail” at this point it has become apparent that Assboil is spreading more hateful propaganda than the Taliban and AQ.  The nerve of the assboil-nursing draft dodger to claim that liberals want all soldiers in jail.  While Assboil was fighting the battle on his rear end, brave liberal assboil enemies like John Kerry, Wesley Clark, and Colin Powell were engaged in the Vietnam conflict.  Folks, what we have here is a true enemy, more vitriolic and powerful than the Taliban. Those ass boils were tougher than Viet Nim.  Those ass boils drew first blood.


Assboil 1-21-10 More lies form the drooler: “a full year of new jobless claims going up”.  In reality, new jobless claims peaked in January 2009, and have been steadily declining since.  www.bls.gov


Assboil 1-21-10 The left hates corporations” (actually he says this often).  Does anybody actually believe the garbage spewing from this bloated addict’s mouth?  Does anybody believe all of corporate America is supported, owned and employs non-liberals only?


Assboil 1-14-10 “he (Obama) put us 12 trillion in debt”,  Assboil needs some educatin’ – National debt was 9.6 trillion when Obama took office.  The 1.4 trillion deficit for US FY 2009 was Bush’s budget, signed before Obama was even elected.  Stimulus contributed about 200 billion.  So, ~400 billion of the current 12 trillion occurred under Obama’s spending.  And without the Boosh debacle, we wouldn’t need Stimulus.  Which begs the question; is Assboil really that stupid, or is he just making stuff up again?  Hard to tell, it has become apparent that he’s confused when it comes to fiscal matters.


Assboil: 1-13-10 "[W]e've already donated to Haiti. It's called the U.S. income tax".  The guy has an audience of millions. He could raise a lot of money instead of convincing people NOT to help. What an unmitigated piece of ….. (quote from the board)


More Assboil Hypocrisy (1-12-10) relentlessly dogging Sen. Reid for comments regarding then Sen. Obama’s marketability.  Assboil seems to have forgotten that he gleefully played “Barack the Magic Negro” for months.   Assboil says he’ll continue to dog Sen. Reid because the “American people are offended”.  You go Assboil.  Nobody, including yourself, is offended.  But the assboil sheeples will eat that stuff up.


Assboil (1-8-10) referring to US security as a “bloated inefficient bureaucracy”, right after whining about Obama blaming the “system” i.e. “blaming Bush”.  Who created more bureaucracy to solve a bureaucratic problem after 9/11 ?


insHannity (faux news) – November 2009 it was a crisp autumn day for a stunning teabagger rally, 10,000 in attendance.  Suddenly, the crowd swelled to 10 times the actual size and it was summer again.  insHannity-induced global warming.  John Stewart kicks insHannity in the ass and the beady-eyed liar responds with more lies.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMW0KscMuDk


Assboil’s Back ! (1-6-10) “Obama has destroyed the US fiscal system” … “with debt”

Hmmm, Bush added 5-6 trillion to the national debt.  The largest deficit in US history, ~1.4 trillion, was for the US fiscal year ended 9-30-09.  This was the budget signed by Bush before Obama was even elected, at the height of the US financial meltdown.


Assboil (12-11-09)  “LED traffic light fails to melt snow” I heard Assboil gleefully reporting that Friday. In spite of the fact that one light in one town failed to melt some blowing snow. What a joke. As I traveled the highways the last few days I noticed 85% of truckers have some LED lights on their trucks and/or trailers. As I pulled into my town, I noticed the right turn signal is LED, and working marvelously. Moreover, the lack of heat works better for many applications and is simply a manifestation of the bulbs’ efficiency. LEDs will replace incandescents within 10 years. Poor old Assboil and those stupid sheeples think we should stick with a 150-year old incandescent technology forever. Oh, and we're gonna go LED on the Christmas tree next year. Sick of those cheap incandescents crapping out every year.


Assboil (Dec. 2009): “the trade deficit is bankrupting this country” – really?   When was the last time we had a trade surplus?  I thought budget deficits bankrupted the country.  Is Assboil confused, or is it me?


Levin (Nov 2009): “785 billion to create 30,000 jobs.  What is that, 100 million a job” – what a deceiving little liar.  Only 1/3 of stimulus was for infrastructure improvements to create jobs, and about 50 billion had been spent when he spewed that garbage.  The number of jobs is disputed, but could easily have been over 500,000.


Levin (Nov 2009): “America is outraged over what Obama has done to the Treasury” – whoa, after boosh increased the national debt from 5 trillion to 10 trillion, and devalued the US$ by 1/3, which has been relatively flat since Obama took office, the nasal whiner says Americans have displaced their anger onto Obama.


Assboil (every day): “It’s all about Obama” – from the slobbering bloated addict who regularly reminds his listeners how great he is.


Assboil sheeples will believe anything they hear on assboil media.

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